Before and After… Smashed fly

It’s been 6 months since Mark’s last haircut. He just doesn’t ever want to cut his hair… which might be ok, if he’d actually comb it once in awhile but he is the king of Bed Hair


This is actually pretty good.

Last night we went to Sam’s Club to grab dinner before I took him to youth group. He got his usual 3 meat pizza and soda. When he finished he started in with his typical negotiating for another pizza. This time he offered to get his hair cut on my demand no arguments. So I gave him 2 bucks.  And tonight…  I collected. Didn’t want to wait too long because he’d deny all of it.  So here’s what I got:


I should have taken picture of the pile of hair.  He seems to be happy with it. He’ll really be happy to have his nagging mother off his back! (at least about his hair)

So smashed flies… 

Yesterday I held a training on Excel with 12 wonderful people and one annoying fly. I’m talking about some random thing in Excel pointed to the projector screen and noticed a fly at the top.  I shook it off and went on. I noticed someone else in the room swatting at it, but then something totally unexpected happened…  we all here a “Smack” and one of the participants we’ll just say here name was Dorene starts laughing.  Then the lady next her, we’ll call her Denee, starts laughing.  Dorene then ask for a tissue to clean the screen.  By that point the entire class had lost control!  I never really gained control back, but thankfully the class ended and I could head to lunch with my dear friends and Dave. (Just kidding Dave) to Sonic.

Oh yes, Sonic, footlong chili cheese dogs, tator tots… oh so good!  Yet, on this day, the experience was far than classic, unless horrendously bad is classic.  We order outside as we always do and we sat down and waited… and waited…. and waited….  and waited for about 30 minutes and one of our dear friends NEVER GOT HER FOOD!  After close to an hour, she said “Forget it let’s go” When we got back, I pulled up the Sonic website found their 800 number.  This is what the page says under Contact Us:

If you would like to talk to someone about your experience at a SONIC® Drive-In, please call this toll-free number, 1-866-OK-SONIC (1-866-657-6642). Operators are available seven days each week from 8:00 a.m. to midnight, EST. This toll-free number is provided exclusively by SONIC Franchisees as owners and operators of SONIC Drive-Ins.

So sad, I guess from now on when I need a Chili Cheese Dog I’ll just have to go to Der Weinerschnitzel.  Bummer I never got see one of the car hops wipe out on his/her skates. OK, that was just mean of me.

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