First Produce from the “garden”

So, yesterday I finally picked the first cucumber from my plant.  Looked good…


Here it is on the cutting board. 

Sadly, it didn’t taste so good.  Actually, it was quite nasty tasting.  I think it was over ripe.  I need to ask my Mom how to tell when it’s ready to be picked.  I don’t remember picking cucumbers as a kid. I only remember picking green beans (such a back breaking chore) And potatoes… my Dad would dig up the plant and my sister and I scramble to see who could pick up the most tators. Hoping that you didn’t grab one that had started to rot, SO GROSS!!!!!!   Anyway, enough with the trip down memory lane.  There’s a lot about life in Oklahoma I miss, many things I don’t, like humidity, ticks, cold… 

Hopefully, in a few weeks I’ll have some tomatoes. 

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