The Father of La Tolteca


Tonight was the last class for my summer field ed class. Our teacher took us to La Toltea one of the favorites in Azusa. It was a fun evening. Two of the students are Korean and had never been to La Tolteca.  So they wanted me to order first, I of course, order my favorite #9, Chicken Enchilada with a side of sour creme and a Pepsi. What do Esther and Patrick (the 2 Korean Students) order?  #9 and a Pepsi.  Thankfully, they seemed to enjoy their food, I would have felt bad if they didn’t.

After we ate, they allowed us to use the back room for the rest of our class. It was a good time. I was a little bummed to have to switch classes but it worked out quite well, it was fun to be in the smaller class with such great people who obviously love the Lord.

In the backroom was a picture of the “father” of La Tolteca who passed away back in 2002.  Little sad that he’s been stuck in the backroom, but too often that’s what we do with our elders.

Fun evening, good food and good fellowship and I have until July 27th to turn in my papers!

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