Vacation Day 1

Last night marks I came down to Carlsbad to start our vacation. It was nice to sleep in this morning until 10 am! Simply glorious!! We went over to the Outlet Mall to a restaurant called Rudy’s Diner, So very good & way too much food. Then it was off to Legoland to have some fun. It was quite busy and hot. We walked around for awhile rode storybook land then we went and watched the 4 D movie Clutch Powers. Cute movie

 We left planning to return later never made it but tomorrow is another day.

 Back at the hotel I played geek and set up anew website:  I’m replacing the  site.  magnusonhouse will stay more family & friends oriented & hopefully favorite christian books will be more a public facing site. Time will tell I really hope to connect with more authors. More importantly connect readers with great authors.

 So my first real day of vacation was very nice!
 Tomorrow we will do Legoland in the morning then Mark bowls in the State Tournament. Tomorrow is the team event. Follow me onTwitter or facebook to see his scores.

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