A Teenager for only a Month Longer

This morning I overslept, which sadly is nothing new. I’m just not a good morning, but thankfully I have a boss who’s not uptight about that.  So I’m rushing around this morning trying to get ready, thankfully Mark was cooperative and got ready quickly.  Then I get this text:

It is sad to think that in a month you won’t be the mother of a teenage anymore.

My only response: Uffda.

It’s hard to believe that Tim turns 20 in a month.  I’m WAY too young to have a 20 year old son!!!!  So beware the closer to September 12 it gets the more depressed I may get.  🙁

So for my Virtual Vacation tonight I opted for Finland. The first working web cam I found is probably the prettiest one I’ve ever seen.  And by far the best picture.

Welcome to Suomenlinna Finland:

Here’s a nice one from Helsinki Port:

But I think the funnest one is their road weather cams.  When you get to the page you can click on the map or the listing below.

Enjoy your Virtual trip in Finland.

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