His First Art Show

Today was Mark’s first art show in Glendora.  He chose to display one of his original pictures from his Dragon Fables game.  This isn’t necessarily my favorite piece, but his teacher was very impressed by how hard this was and he wanted to tackle and he did a great job.  I just posted his most recent picture from the 20th as well as some free hand stuff he did on his own of Sonic characters.

You can check out Mark’s Art Work at: markart.magnusonhouse.com

In other news Mark is changing schools this year.  He was identified as GATE prior to 4th grade, but his school didn’t have a GATE class. In a perfect situation he would have received the enrichment and challenges to fit his needs. But in practical is wasn’t happening.  His teachers tried, but when you are juggling 30+ kids some of which are high maintenance it’s really hard to do. He’s not 100% sure about the change, even though he initially suggested it.  He’s worried about leaving his friends and it’s change, something he hasn’t experienced much of in his life. He makes friends so easily (keeping friends is the tough part).  He’ll be fine and will probably be mad that I didn’t move him sooner.

Next week Mark starts school and hopefully it will be quieter for me this week compared to last!

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