Star Wars Weekend at Legoland

Today we headed down south to a little place called Legoland. It was Star Wars Weekend and it is evident that people LOVE Star Wars and Legoland.  The place was a zoo and the lines started as soon as we got off the freeway. But even with the crowds we had a good time.

Mark decided to participate in the build a model competition.  His entry was a Rebel Base station with a door that really opens and closes and a roof that opens as well.  At least a section of it.  Here’s a couple of shots:

Probably won’t win anything but he was creative and enjoyed himself.  We then went through MiniLand to find the Boba Fetts to determine the “saying” so we could enter another contest that we won’t win.

I took this picture while in “New York” It made me laugh:

A “giant” seagull is attacking New York.

We didn’t win anything in the drawing either but that’s OK… it was an enjoyable day.

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