The Latest Experiment

So every year I plant a “garden”  but in recent years things have just not gone well…  the most recent failure was the broccoli last year.  So sad… well this year I planted tomatoes, cucumbers, and water melon.  Well, the cucumbers produced 2 and they were NASTY…. the tomatoes well I’ve had one so far and it was very tasty.  Many have turned rotten on the bottom before they’re even rip.  The watermelon, well, didn’t have much hope for it.  It was pretty weak looking when I planted it, however, I kept watering it and watering it and watering it… and it has grown into a rather beautiful plant.  It’s has had a lot of blooms.  Well a couple of of days ago I noticed something even better….

Yes ladies and gentlemen that is a watermelon.  A tiny little watermelon!!!!  (Click on the picture it should get bigger)

Hopefully it will continue to grow and have more friends.

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