Busy Weekend

Saturday is suppose to be my “day of rest” since Sunday’s are busy for me. The past couple of Saturday’s have been far from “restful.”  This Saturday wasn’t as busy or as much fun as the previous Saturday but it had it’s moments.  Mark had bowling in the morning bowled a 71, 143, and 73.  Not too shabby, he’s frustrated with his bowling partner who kept giving up on himself early each game.  It’s a sad situation for that little boy.

I think did a photo session with my favorite little lady, Lily.  Sadly it wasn’t a good day for the little lady, only got about 70 pictures.

Then it was time for the football game at Chapman.  It was a good game because APU won!  I got to take pictures with Ken’s D3 with his crazy big lens.  I got some good pictures but no GREAT ones.  You can check them out at: http://picasaweb.google.com/hollymag/20100925Football?authkey=Gv1sRgCKef3IfV3qO_Qw&feat=directlink

Sunday was a good day.  A little stressful (OK A LOT stressful) but a good day.

Two weeks ago I saw a great commercial for Direct TV, it’s with Peyton and Eli Manning.  It was very fun.  Sad for Eli that Peyton got out of the closet.  Here it is for your enjoyment

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