End of the weekend

Seems like I’ve only had time to blog on Sunday nights.  Things are busy between work, family, school, church, etc. This weekend was enjoyable. Saturday morning we had a seminar at the church that was well done and worth the time I spent there.  Saturday was another home football game at Azusa Pacific University.  This week they were playing the Whittier College Poets. (Yes, seriously, the Poets) But they were a tough team with young men I wouldn’t dare make fun of, of course, one of my photo partners wanted to make fun of them and through me “under the bus.”  Thankfully, he didn’t and we both live to take pictures again next week at Chapman. And I appreciate that Brian!

Of course the most excitement came Sunday at lunch when I checked the APU website and saw this

And this week I got an ACTION shot in there.  Last week I got photo credit, but I think it was my picture of the crowd.  Which I’m grateful for, but this one makes me smile.

Thankfully the San Gabriel Tribune guy got out of the way, he was in my earlier shots.  (I got him coming all the way up the sideline)

Next Saturday at Chapman I’m hopefully using Ken’s big bad boy camera and lens!!!  If I can’t use it then I’ll probably end up being Brian’s lackey… and that just can’t happen!!

Tonight I opted to drop my Christian Ethics and added a class Gospel’s Witness to Christ. I hate the fact I’m 2 weeks behind, but I can’t see staying in a class that will stress me out. I am just not one to argue especially about theology.  So, we’ll see what happens, I just need to pass the class, it’s an elective.  I have to keep reminding myself of that.  My 4.0 is gone I just need to pass the class and be done in the spring (229 days from now!)

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