Play that Funky Music…

Today the radio station was K-Earth 101.  Lots and lots of good music. But the one that jumped out at me today was Play that Funky Music White Boy came on the radio. This song holds a special place in my heart. Tim was probably 9 maybe 10 years old when he came in the kitchen with his guitar.  He said listen to this… he starts playing the melody to Play that Funky Music… I’m like where on earth did you hear that?  Come to find out he had heard it when we were at California Adventure when one of the bands came by playing it.  He heard maybe 30 second snippet.  I realized then he was amazing.  He still is amazing.  He’s too much like both his parents in doing too much, but he’s a good kid.

So for your listening pleasure… Wild Cherry and Play that Funky Music White Boy

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