So You Think You Can Dance?

Actually, No.  I know I can’t.  In high school my two best friends were cheerleaders and I was the basketball player, but we would do dance routines during half time of the guys game. Which was always fun and I did well.  We had school dances that no one every danced at, they were way more interested in going out and drinking ( I didn’t do that either).

My churches I’ve attended always frowned on dancing, all but one.  But we called it choreography for our Christmas program.  Those were wonderful times as well.

But to have the grace a beauty of  a dancer… nope that was never me.  The only time I danced with a man, was at a friends wedding and sadly if I stepped on the groom’s feet once I stepped on him a dozen time.  Poor Bob.

One of my favorite dance scene comes from this great movie classic.  I forgot how good looking Patrick Swayze was.

Sadly, this youtube video can’t be embeded… so you’ll have to visit the link… but it is so worth it!

I”ve Had the Time of My Life – the Final Dance Scene

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