What on earth is it? And what do you do with it?!?

OK as nuts as this is going to sound one of the things we often do on a Friday night after dinner is stop at Big Lots (Formerly know as Pic ‘n Save).  Anyway, sometimes you can find some really good deals on things that are actually useful and other times, well you find very interesting and bizarre things there.  Tonight was one of the “bizarre” items.  Erwin found it first and none of us have a CLUE what it is or what it is used for, so I ask you, what do you think it is and why on earth would I want to spend $5 to purchase it!?!?! (which for the record I didn’t and unless someone comes up with a really good use for it WON’T be purchasing it)

1 thought on “What on earth is it? And what do you do with it?!?”

  1. It looks to me like it should hold an outdoor umbrella, like a patio umbrella, but only if it was heavy enough to weigh it down. That’s my logical side talking. My silly side says it’s a hat with a hole to let out the steam that comes off your head in really cold weather.

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