World of Color

Sunday was Tim’s birthday and the last day of his Disney pass.  So we went to Disneyland.  It was extremely grounded so we got to ride most everything Tim wanted to ride.  Except for Space Mountain which was closed for a week as they prep it for the “holiday” music.

Last week I ordered picnic dinners so we could get a reserved seating ticket.  The dinner was OK and actually more filling than I anticipated.  Anyway we rode a couple more rides including California Screaming which was quite the adventure for Mark.  He’s amazing sometimes… and thankfully this statement meant I didn’t wear regurgitated chicken.  Thank you Lord!

Anyway we found a seat down near the water for the show.  I sat on the ground my buns were NUMB!  Anyway about 30 minutes before showtime the following “Characters” came out for the pre-show which they were kind of cool and kinda of CREEPY!  You can see the creepy characters and some of the shots from the end of the show below.  I also found a youtube video of the whole show.  You can’t hear the music very well, which the music was AMAZING.   And as one of the comments stated the youtube video doesn’t do the show justice.  It was really good and worth the weight and the numb buns.

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