Am I Darth Vader?

So the question over the past couple of days, is why the Darth Vader mask for my profile picture. Well, there’s a story, of course, isn’t there always.

Tuesday I’m sitting at my desk, working on who knows what when I get an IM from Tom, that basically said I needed to read Staphon’s twitter post.  So I pull up Tweetdeck to read this:

“Imperial March just came on in the office. I felt like i should have stood at attention and prepared for @hollymag321  to walk in.”

Of course, that meant I needed to go to the Tech Office and smack Staphon.  Who ironically enough posted on Twitter (as I was walking over) “I’m probably going to get slapped in the back of the head for this”

And yes, he did!

Of course to make the situation even funnier, is what I was wearing on Tuesday.  I had on black shoes, black pants, and a long black sweater.  (for the record my shirt was a lovely deep rich shade of purple.  I looked good!)   Once Staphon stopped laughing he later posted this little treasure:

“Made it 10X better that @hollymag321 walked in wearing black shoes, pants, and a long black sweater with her vengeance glare”

We don’t know if Darth Vader had a vengeful glare, we NEVER saw his eyes until he was saying goodbye to his beloved son.

So yesterday, in honor of Staphon, I changed my profile picture.  Of course, all of you who know me, know I’m kind, loving, and supportive.  STOP LAUGHING!

And of course I must give you a video.  Hopefully this is a good one, I’m writing this while in the Stamps Library and I have no headphones so I can’t listen to it.  And yes, I really should be finishing up my paper that’s due Saturday by midnight, but I’m too tired to care.  I just need to pass the class.

2 thoughts on “Am I Darth Vader?”

  1. Other than his eyes being seen in the episodes 1-3, that has nothing to do with what I am about to say….

    Darth Vader’s glare, as vengeful it may be was contrived from a different source.

    As Holly was born on March 21, 1970, which predates the first Star Wars film in 1977, The validity of the “vengeful glare” that Darth Vader might have had, was actually taken from a young 7 year old lassie, that had a peculiar defined glare.

    Holly Magnuson did not realize what was taken from her. Pride in her glare, royalties from a multi-million dollar movie and the forever bond Holly Benigar Magnuson has with Darth Vador.

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