Diffusing a Bomb

So last week I realized that one of the faculty members that I’ve known for the almost 25 years of working at APU was missing some emails.  I won’t bore my faithful readers with the UGLY details, but let’s just say, no one knows why it happened all we knew is it happened and there was no redeeming the information and NO ONE wanted to tell this particular faculty member.  She’s an extremely intense person and can be a LITTLE intimidating.  But I love her!  So today I got up my courage or more like just wanted to get it over with in hopes the knots in my stomach would subside. So after saying my good byes to two of my favorite co-workers (sorry Aaron you were replaced as my hero by Garrett earlier in the afternoon)  I went to her office and told her, “I’m sorry I don’t know what happened exactly but the data is gone.”  She actually continued to be quite calm (much to my surprise and the admin assistant that sits outside her office who was ease dropping!!!)  I followed up by explaining our process and that because it was a hard drive swap that happened longer than 2 weeks ago, the drive had been reused.

The best part of the whole thing, is I suggested we look to see if the important email that she needed was in one of her other (bazillion) folders.  We didn’t find the original email she had received but we did find the email in her sent items that she forwarded to one of the admin assistants.  To say the least it was a spiritual moment for me!  Although she is not thrilled at having lost all those emails she was happy to find this particular email.  Afterwards I text messaged the boss to give him the good news that I did indeed survive and he wasn’t going to have to explain to my husband why he was now a widower.

So commemorate this event… join with me as we kick back with a little Kool and the Gang!

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