Happy Halloween!

Not a big fan of Halloween!  It’s just one of those holidays that has too many negative connotations. But one of our favorite things to do, is to go to LegoLand California for Brick or Treat. It happens every weekend in October.  Last year we went down on Halloween and the park was really nice, not too busy at all. I was afraid this year, it might be a zoo. But thankfully, the rain kept people away until the afternoon.

We didn’t leave until almost 9:30 so it was almost 11:00 before we got there.  So I decided to deal with Mark and his “I’m hungry” but having lunch as soon as we got there.  The salmon was simply delicious.  Love the Upper Deck restaurant and the service was wonderful (it also helps that we get 15% off with our pass).

We rode all our favorite rides waiting 5 or 10 minutes.  The longest ride we waited for was Knights Tournament.  It’s very hard to describe this ride.  So I had Mark use my camera to video me riding the ride.  The cool thing about the ride is it has 5 levels. Kids under a certain height can only do 1 or 2.  This is level 3 which is as brave as I’ve ever done.

Mark didn’t dress up but I did take a few fun pictures of our day

The kid with the “head in the jar” was the best costume I saw all day.  Of course, there were some really well done lego costumes but sadly this was my favorite. (Yes, I’m a sick, sick individual)

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