Reflections on Friendships Part 1

Last night was Homecoming at APU and the final home football game of the season.  Sadly, we lost. The team did a great job and worked hard, a couple of mental mistakes, but Humboldt was just very tough team.  This season I had the opportunity to get some great shots and photo credit on several articles on the Athletics page.  The highlight was being able to use Ken’s Nikon D3 and his big bad boy lens.  Got some AMAZING shots with it.  Someday maybe…

After I got home from a long day (marched the Azusa Golden Days Parade in the morning, finished writing my paper and the game) I tried to unwind so I could get to bed and get much needed sleep. As I thought about this past season one thing stood out.  I made a new friend during the season.  Another one of the photographers that we just hit it off.  I can’t express in words the impact he had.  As I was thinking about how he encouraged me I started thinking about the many others that have impacted me throughout my life.  Here is my feeble attempt to express my gratitude to the many people that have touched my life in amazing ways.  I won’t mention names because there’s such a danger in that.  I’m bound to forget someone and I would never want to slight anyone.

I’m thankful when I think back to my two friends in high school who gave me my first surprise birthday party.  The times on basketball trips and cleaning classrooms after school. I grateful for my dear friend whose birthday is Friday (which I do plan to call you!!!) and the times that we’ve talked and each time it seems like we can pick up where we last left off.

I’m thankful for the summer of red heads. In one month I met 3 red heads. One was a co-worker and I don’t remember his name.  (that seems to happen more and more).  One indirectly pointed me to the college I would later attend. The third one had the most immediate impact of the 3.  He taught me that I was “Something Good” because I belonged to God. (and yes, I still have the pin you gave me when we were sitting in the swings at the park next to the County Courthouse).

I’m thankful Bartlesville Wesleyan College that brought a new group of friends that challenged me, encouraged me, and made me laugh. Whether a roommate or one of those many trips to Pannekoeken (I think that was how it was spelled)  House for ham and cheese omelets and when we were too broke for that a walk around campus or the surrounding neighborhood. I’m thankful that one of those acquaintances is becoming better friend now. I’ve enjoyed our chats even if I’m a tad gullible sometimes and you tend to exploit that!

I’m thankful for friends that have demonstrated their faith. One who took the leap of faith and moved with his family to Ireland to live among the people and make a difference. It’s neat that he and his own family are back in the states to make an impact in a community here in the states.

During my time at APU there have been so many people who have impacted my life in so many ways.  The family who rented me a room, yet were so much more than a landlord.  You have been a dear friend for so many years.  I’m sorry I don’t keep in touch better.  There have been many lunch buddies. I’m thankful as I think back to the day when we were identified as “regulars”  at that little place on the corner of Barranca and Foothill.  I’m thankful for the reaction when I realized that after 8 1/2 years I was pregnant and just a little bit shocked.  (You never stopped typing and never looked up!) I am thankful for the one who helped me support my son’s musical interest by restringing his guitar and our many talks. So thankful for the group who took me to lunch for my birthday when my own “group” didn’t acknowledge me.  I’m so thankful for the laughter especially when we parked your car on the lawn outside registrar’s office.

I’m thankful for my friends who are there for a hug and recently was there to let me cry on his shoulder over the death of a dear friend. For the friend who reminded me that there wasn’t anything they wouldn’t do for me.  Friends that I can share my ideas with and just hang out and be myself. I have so much more I could say, but I doubt anyone is still reading. So I’ll just say, “I have such amazing friends.”

I realize I’ve rambled, but there is so much more I could say about the people that I’ve encountered over the past 45 years (ok, probably about 40, the first 5 years of my life I only encountered family and extended family).  Maybe later I’ll share about the students that I have had the privilege to work with, they’re pretty amazing too.

So, to my “newest” friend to my “oldest” and all those in between, THANK YOU!

As it’s become my habit lately I’ve added a YouTube video.  Michael W. Smith’s Friends, originally released in 1982.  Leaving high school and later leaving college this song spoke to me so much.   It did get over used, but hey that was almost 30 years ago!  It’s fresh and new now right!??!   I do like that this video, it’s Michael W. Smith playing piano and singing, very simple.  Michael W. Smith is one of my favorites!

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