San Dimas Western Days

Today was the Western Days Parade in San Dimas. I never had been to the San Dimas Parade until Tim’s Freshman year of High School. I found out I LOVE parades. At least I enjoy marching in them. Today I remembered how much fun it was to march with the band. (It’s way more fun than watching a parade)

Our church gives out water for free to parade goers as a way of reaching out. Something simple but hopefully it reminds people that we’re there on the corner and that we are really nice people.

This year I took pictures of the parade it was fun. You can check out the 500 or so pictures here:  (I’ll try to delete the “bad” ones tomorrow so there won’t be as many)

I really miss marching with the band.  It was always great fun.  Next week is the Azusa parade and Tim will be marching in that with the APU marching band.  I plan to be there and taking lots of pictures I’m sure.  This year San Dimas’ march was Sousa’s Washington Post March.  So here is a little flavor of we heard today:

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