She Said Crotch

So my friend Vicki once told me there is nothing more ruder than an 8th grade boy. Well, I have to say I disagree… it’s 6th grade now! A prime example happened tonight.  First off, Mark bless his heart can manage some serious body stench. Tonight he was ripe, my eyes were burning as I was driving home.  So I informed him he was taking a shower when we get home and if he came out stinking I WAS giving him a bath.  Of course, he wasn’t happy about that idea.  So I’m like then you better wash your hair, your butt, your crotch… to which he responded, “She said crotch!”  The way he said it and kept saying it made me think of Bubba J. So here’s a little Jeff Dunham and Bubba J. Be advised this is the uncensored version.

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