Week 2 Winner and Week 3 Picture

OK, Dante and I are having too much fun with this.  But hey it’s Friday afternoon after a productive week. (At least productive for me!)

So last week’s winning comment came from Chris Copeland!!!! YAY!!!  Let’s hear it for Chris.  Of course, sadly, Chris lives in Colorado now so we don’t have a picture of him receiving his prize.  Actually it’s sad for us, I think Chris is quite happy with his family in Colorado.  We do miss you Chris!!!

Here is this weeks picture.  Might be a little tougher to come up with something, but I know you guys have it in you!

If you’re seeing this on Facebook go to www.magnusonhouse.com to enter your caption.

Good luck and Good Scoring…. wait that’s for bowling…  Break a leg… Happy trails…  just put something creative!

3 thoughts on “Week 2 Winner and Week 3 Picture”

  1. Woohoo! I won. When I receive my prize, I’ll take a picture of myself “receiving it” and will email it to you. We can’t break tradition. Thanks, guys! I’ll have to think about this weeks picture. You are right. It is harder. So, far, I like James’ comment.

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