What happens when an A.D.D. adult has free time!

OK, I’m not for sure A.D.D. but the more I’ve learned about it in dealing with my youngest son, the more I really wonder. But this weekend I spent WAY too much time building my birthday calendar. I love birthdays. I love celebrating my own as well as others. Facebook has been great I can see people’s birthdays and I try to go wish them a happy one. But some days I’m just so busy at work that I don’t even think or look at the list.  And then they’re gone until next year…  So I used a program that allowed me to export my friends and their birthdays into an Excel spreadsheet.   Of course, those people who didn’t put the year of their birth didn’t transfer over.  So I had to manually enter those.

Anyway, long story short (too late, I know) I know have in my Outlook and Gmail calendar a “birthday” calendar with 610 entries.  Now in my perfect world I would contact all of you some how for your birthday, but I fear that I will miss some of you.  And if you don’t have your birthday on Facebook, then you might email me your birthday so I can celebrate it.  With 610 birthdays listed believe it or not, I have some empty dates on my calendar.  Of course, the first open date I have is November 13th.

For the record, I had things I should have been doing this weekend, but we won’t talk about that.  This is important!!!  It’s relational, at least hopefully I’ll make it relational.

So in MagnusonHouse fashion, there must be a video.  I’ve never been a huge Beatles fan, but this is “cute”

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