What is Dante doing?

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So… Here’s Dante.  Any guesses what he might be doing!?!?!?  Give me a caption.  The best one will get a prize from Dante!

I’m too poor to give a prize but I know Dante can handle it!!! HA! HA!

8 thoughts on “What is Dante doing?”

  1. If I know Dante, he’s thinking something like this…

    “How can I assimilate this laptop into my brain?….Perhaps I can try sticking it in my ear. It would be super-cool if I could think like a computer. Then I wouldn’t even have to leave my bed to download pirated copies of my favorite songs or movies.”

  2. He is trying to peirce his ear with the very sharp edges of the macbook pro aluminum unibody.

    Or, he is trying to cauterize his ear with the heat of his macbook pro after accidentally cutting his flesh while trimming ear hair at his desk with the nail clipper that resides on his notorious desk.

    Note: if anything goes wrong with either of these procedures he has a thermometer pinned to said desk that he found on the street.

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