Getting My Geek On

Update: I was not blogging while driving.  Esther was driving I was sitting in the back seat playing with my computer.  I was safe!  Always SAFE!

OK, it’s true confession time, I am a geek.  I’m currently riding in a mini-van headed to our Murrieta Regional Center to do some training.  And yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’m on the Internet.  I’ve tethered my wonderful Hero to my laptop and here I am going 65 miles an hour down the freeway and I’m BLOGGING!  Of course, I’m probably not going to include a YouTube video today.  But just the fact I can do this, it’s just splendid absolutely splendid.

Since I can’t share a video (YouTube would be a little slow this way) I will share a sign I saw at Tuesday at one of my favorite spots, La Tolteca.  Thankfully I never seen this sign used, but the simple fact they have it… kind of amazing!!!

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