I’ll admit it, I LOVE Facebook

OK, I realize that there’s problems with Facebook. It can be a HUGE time waster, it can also be dangerous for kids and women who post too much personal info about themselves on Facebook. But I must admit, I love Facebook. I’ve been able to reconnect with friends from high school and college. Being on a college campus I’ve become “friends”  with many of the students that I’ve come in contact.  Plus there are my church friends as well, as of right now I’m at 586 friends.  Most of which I actually know, I do have some author friends that I’ve not met in person yet, but some day maybe.

All that to say, I love being able to catch up with family and friends and celebrate birthdays with them and leave notes for them. My favorite facebook app is “Friend of the Day.” When you use it, it randomly picks one of my friends and posts a message on their wall.  It’s fun! I try to include a note to encourage them.

Yes, Facebook can be a huge time waster, but I am trying to make it a communication tool, a way to stay connected to people I care about.  Of course, there’s a handful of people that I’m close to that don’t do Facebook but fortunately, I either see them or they’re faithful bloggers and I keep up with them that way.  The following is dedicated to my friends:

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