Looking back

Not sure why I’ve been looking back so much lately. This is my current Facebook profile. I don’t know how old I was when the picture was taken but I was probably 2 or 3. It was probably taken in late summer based on the dryness of the yard. I grew up on an 80 acre farm in northeastern Oklahoma. The house was a quarter mile off the main dirt road. The closest town was 10 miles away and my mom didn’t drive until I was in 6th grade, which meant I didn’t go to kindergarten because I had no way to get home. (Which was okay with me, I didn’t know what I was missing.)  We only went to town on Friday evenings when my Dad got home from work.

It was such a simple time in my life.  No cares, no troubles, no responsibility. I don’t have a lot of memories of my early childhood.  Probably because it was just so simple.

As I said I didn’t go to kindergarten, but my mom taught me the basics of writing and letters.  I don’t know if I actually started reading before that, that wasn’t as important then as it seems to be now.  I started first grade. I think there were 6 of us that went to school together the entire 12 years.  Of course the 5 others were in kindergarten together but that’s another story.

It’s nice that two of those friends I’m still in touch with, I probably don’t contact them as much as I should, but hopefully they know how much I love them. Crystal wasn’t there at the beginning and she is a YEAR younger, but she makes me smile too.  And thankfully, she’s not been doing the early morning “text a prayer request.”  I was about ready to take my friend, Tom’s, advice and start texting her at midnight my time.  🙂

Here’s Crystal and Dana with me during my Senior year when I was Homecoming Queen for basketball season.

Here’s Tammy and I, I’m not sure what we were doing. But this was also from our senior (I had my contacts by this time!)

Good times with good friends.

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