So many things I could blog about

Today is one of those days there is so much I could bore you with here’s the list of things:

  1. Frost on the ground/frozen water in the dog’s dish
  2. The first Christmas song on the flash drive
  3. Setting off alarms (Which turns out I didn’t set it off)
  4. Really good homemade bread (just needed a tub of butter!)
  5. Salsa with a nice bite to it
  6. Training Classes that just don’t go as planned
  7. Dealing with a hyperactive Filipino woman
  8. Potato Salad that’s just not as good as it use to be
  9. A woman in the bathroom talking on her cell phone with it on SPEAKER
  10. Seeing a university vehicle with it’s front bumper duct taped on (and yes, I have a picture)

Yes, today was extremely entertaining with good stuff and not so good stuff.  But mostly good… So I’ll start with the first one… the house is always cold in the winter, something about not having a heater for 11 years… but I didn’t realize exactly HOW cold it was until I went out to take water and food to Leon and saw frost on the ground a layer ice on his water dish.  So it really does get cold in California, okay maybe not Minnesota cold, but after 25 years, it’s COLD to me!

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