A Very Neat Day at SeaWorld San Diego!

Today Mark and I journeyed south to one of my favorite places, SeaWorld California. We were late getting out and wanted to make a stop for the elusive Wii. I wanted to pick up a used one for Mark, but alas, there are none currently out there. I guess GameStop has to hold on to them for 30 day, something to do with Pawn Shop laws. Needless to say Mark is annoyed. (What else is new!)

Anyway once we got here we found an ice skating rink at SeaWorld! Long story short, I bought Mark a day pass for the skating rink. He’s very been on any type of skates so I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was better than I could have imagined.

Here is the first video of him trying to skate. He’s in a red and white plaid jacket:

We ended up coming back two more times. He definitely got my money’s worth in the amount of time he spent as well as just the amount of fun he had. It was great to watch his abilities and his confidence grow each time he went around the rink. Unfortunately, he had on short socks, which meant he had no protection from the top of his skate boot rubbing on his leg. It was pretty sore by the time I took this video. It was one of his final laps around the rink. This time he is wearing a black King’s jacket. You’ll see him wipe out big time, pick himself up and kept right on skating.

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