All in a day’s work

This week was really weird. Seems like Monday with it’s ups and downs and hysterically funny moments seems like a life time away. Yet, here it is Friday night December 3.  22 days to Christmas and just 28 days left in 2010. I felt like I was running constantly and getting nowhere. Felt like I let a lot of people down. I went as far as to sit in my boss’ office and announce that I felt like a failure.

So rather than focus on all the frustrations of this week and the moments that I was ready to scream here are some of the good things that happened this week:

  • Had a great Excel training class on Tuesday
  • Received a very nice thank you note from one of my “one on one” consultations
  • Choir practice was really good
  • Had lunch with a fun lady
  • Make a connection with one of our student workers
  • Helped a family with surprising their son at a special event
  • Was blessed by an unexpected act of kindness

So when you look at all the junk and then all the good stuff the good stuff still wins.

For your listening pleasure, I give you Achmed the Dead Terrorist singing a Christmas Favorite – Jingle Bombs

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