An email that made me smile…

This week has been pretty good. Solved some issues a couple of which were just really weird. But this email today cracked me up.
Last night as I was leaving another APU faithful employee was getting into her car. She seemed to be as tired as I felt. We exchange a brief conversation and got into our cars. I really like this person and felt bad for her and how tired she looked on a Monday.

This afternoon she sent me the following email…

Holly….you made me chuckle so last night….and I have passed on your comment to a few friends today….

I haven’t given your name, just that “my friend said”….

“Today was pretty productive, I feel like I might have made a difference in the world…..last week, I think I was pretty much a burden on society.” I’m still laughing (smiley face didn’t copy)

I’m really glad she included what I had said… for the life of me I couldn’t remember.  This short term memory lost is really starting to bug me.

I’m glad I made her laugh.  She’s another one of those “neat” people that I don’t see nearly often enough. She has a great husband that works at the University as well and a brother-in-law well…  her brother-in-law total other story.  We tended to “fight” with each other on band trips until he made some “smart” comment, “You’re starting to sound like my ex-wife!”  At that point Mr. Wolfe, the band director, was ducking for cover!  Ah yes… the memories of high school band trips!

But I digress… again…

So thanks to for sharing the email and making me smile.

For you a little Mannheim Steamroller – Joy to the World!

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