For Women Who Do too much…

I have zero advice, could probably use some because yes, I am indeed a woman who does too much.  Friday I had a little bit of a melt down and a friend of mine called to check on me.  It really surprised me because he had some fun stuff happening with his family so it really impressed me that he took the time to check on me.  So as I try to be more appreciative of the people in my life I sent him and email thanking him for taking the time and wanted to express how much it meant to me.  In his response he reminded me that I was just exhausted and he started listing all the stuff I do.  I got tired just reading the list and he didn’t even mention my church stuff which during the Christmas season is just a killer as well. It was a much needed reminder not to beat myself up.

So for my faithful readers (both of you) take time to appreciate the people in your life.  Let them know how much they mean to you. The one thing that God has been really impressing on me the past several months is the importance of relationships. I do love people, even though large groups of people tend to exhaust me very quickly, I feel relationships are important. And I’m trying to foster good relationships rather than run from them out of fear of being hurt.

And for your listing pleasure another fun song and video from Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Wizards in Wonderland

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