Goodbye 2010 Hello 2011

Last year I only set a couple of goals. One was to read the Bible through, something I had never done before. I’m happy to report I did it!  I did listen several chapters to get caught up in the fall, but what really helped was using my time on the treadmill to read.  The second goal is was to read 52 books this past year.  Didn’t quite make that goal my classes kept me busy but I did manage to read 42 books, which average to 3 1/2 books a month and a new record.  With finishing my degree this next semester that should free up some more of my time to read!

I also came to terms with some of the things that I had allowed to eat at me for the past few years. Actually the situations were making me eat to extreme. For as we all know food is the great comforter, oh wait, the Holy Spirit, silly me.

God also blessed me with some new friends and the realization that I have some great friends around me. My “family” grew, well my facebook family.  I’m really enjoying working  and interacting more with our students.  I’m trying to get beyond the fear of saying good-bye when the students leave.  I’ll get to practice that this spring when one of my closest kids graduates.

In looking forward to 2011 I have some goals.  (Of course!)

#1 – Read  the Old Testament through chronologically using the Chronological Study Bible by Thomas Nelson, on my kindle (of course).

#2 – An average of 4 work outs a week.

#3 – Read 50 books

#4 – Blog at least twice a week on ALL my blogs ( and

I’m also going to join my friend, Claudia, with the idea of monthly goals.

For January my monthly Goals:

#1 – Read 3 books (not sure how much my LAST class is going to take from me)

#2 – Walk 50 miles at the gym

#3 – Get off the ground

Gotta post before midnight!

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