Not Lost, Just Misplaced

OK, so it’s been almost a week since I posted anything.  And trust me my life has not been boring.  Lots of interesting things.  So let’s see if I can give a basic run down of the past week:

Wednesday – Received a hysterical email that I need to share, it was entitled Creative Photography.  Some great albeit creepy pictures.  Heard Tim perform at the Brass Coffeehouse Christmas concert.  Really fun, posted some videos of his group performing on Facebook.

Thursday – Took the day off from work, slept in a little but not nearly enough. Took Mark to the doctor.  Watched Mark meltdown when he found out he had to get 3 shots and a TB test. He also got his first experience with “Turn your head and cough” (yes, he’d have a fit if he knew I told that story)  Of course, I also got the “I don’t want to talk about it”   Had lunch at Mongolian Barbq (YUMMMYYY!) Got my new lens (it’s sooo cool) had a wonderful chat with a dear friend. Had choir practice, which was great.

Friday – Busy day at work, Ladies Homemade Cookie/Candy Exchange at church.  Played with my camera and actually shot on the manual setting and got some REALLY cool pictures.  Received a text message that simply said, “Pull my finger Magnuson”  Yes, there’s more to the story, but not sharing that now…  HA HA

Saturday – Erwin worked half the day, Mark had bowling, I got my hair colored, not a super exciting day but it was good.

Sunday – Church, 3rd week of advent and our 3rd installment of the Advent Monologues. Our Magi did an amazing job!  I was so pleased.  Other than the monologues have been a little long, they’ve been good. Tim didn’t want to sing with the choir, he kept saying “I’d rather conduct” so I said, “do it”  He did a great job!  Some ways I’m a little sad to see him change his major from Music to Computer Science. But he needs to walk his path, and I do believe he’s making good decisions and he’ll be happy in the long run.

Sunday afternoon was our traditional Christmas Caroling and Chili dinner.  Of course the 80 degree temperatures made it interesting.  We still had fun and people enjoyed it.  The chili was good too.

So, that sums up the week except for today.  Had a training at 9 this morning, which quite honestly I hate Monday morning trainings.  I’m just not in a good mood before 10 AM.  And things didn’t go well.  But I got a lovely email informing me that I would be receiving animals for Christmas so the day became much brighter.

And the evening end with me sliding into the playoffs of the MagnusonHouse and Friends Fantasy Football league.  I had to beat by brother-in-law by 17 points to edge him out for the 8th spot in the playoff.  Of course, next week I play the #1 seed, one of my favorite people, even though, I haven’t heard from him in MONTHS/YEARS who can be loud and obnoxious but I still love him!  And this time I don’t have to worry about it being in the PC, by the guidelines of the Respect and Esteem training way.  He’s no longer a co-worker. So I can LOVE YA KENNY!!!  But I hope I BEAT you next week!!!!

What adventures are in store for the week?  No idea, but I’m going to try to enjoy each moment as they come!

And here’s a little Christmas Cheer!

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