On the 5th day of December

This weekend was quiet compared to the week. I was busy yesterday but doing fun things, like spa pedicure and manicure.  Went with a really obnoxious green on my toes and a very lovely red on my nails.  Don’t ask me why, I really don’t know, but I’m thinking I won’t be posting a picture of my toes this time!

Had a great work out at the gym yesterday as well. Yes, I’m sick, but I really love working out.  I always feel so much better afterwards.  Of course, I want to eat everything insight.

This year I had made a goal to read the Bible through and it looks like I’m going to make it.  As of today I’m on December 16th! Another goal was to read 52 books this year, sadly I won’t make that goal.  I’ve only read 37 books. I have a couple that I’m working on so I should be last years 39 books.  Even though I’ve only lost about 10 pounds this year (so far), I’m in a better place than I have been in a long time.

I’ll start thinking about next year’s goals over the next couple of weeks.  I just made reservations for Mark and I to go to San Diego on December 30th and 31st.  We’ll do SeaWorld on the 30th and LegoLands New Year’s Eve Rocking Good time on the 31st.   Of course, at Legoland New Year’s is celebrated at like 6 PM.  But that’s OK, it will be fun and we’ll hang out at the hotel and watch movies.

However, in the meantime, I’ll going to enjoy what’s left 2010.  And to help you enjoy it as well here’s a little Trans-Siberian Orchestra:

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