Twas the Night before the Last Day of Word 2010

Here I sit in Classic Coffee in downtown Glendora.   Mark is at an art class, since they are closed on Friday he can come tonight instead.  Which I appreciate since I’m paying a hefty junk of change for his classes.  But they are so worth it!  He is improving so much and doing such beautiful work.

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is our last working day for 2010.  Chances are they’ll let us cut out early tomorrow, it’s payday and there just won’t be many people around.  I’m thinking Mexican for lunch since it’s been kind of an International week of food.  But I digress, no one really cares about what I’ve had for lunch.

It’s one of those, do I really have anything to say tonight.  I’m tired (and it’s 5:24 pm) have had a sore throat today, got drenched at lunch (thank you VERY much Donavon for parking next to a lake!).  Mark has Youth Group tonight and I need to decide, whether or not I’m going to buy him a Wii for Christmas. Part of me wants to and yet part of me fears the worse…

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