Happy Birthday Mark!

Twelve years ago today and three weeks ahead of schedule Mark arrived in our lives.

I woke up around 8 that morning to realize there was something wrong.  No bags packed nothing ready to go to the hospital. So I quickly threw some things in the suitcase grabbed the brand new digital camera (my first!) woke up Erwin and off we went to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital they had no paper work on me so it was a fun little scramble to get me admitted.

The real fun started when they took my blood pressure and found it sky high! So I labored on my left side in hopes to keep my blood pressure a little lower.  Not sure if it helped or not but that’s what they made me do.  I unfortunately let them give me Demerol in hopes it would take the edge off, no such luck!  Just made my brain mush.

Just a little after noon (yes, just 4 hours after the first indication that something was up) I was ready to start pushing.  Of course, Mark opted not to cooperate and patiently wait to be born. The visual my husband like to use is it was like being shot out of a cannon.  He was grateful the doctor had good hands and could catch Mark.

Mark had a few issues after being born. First his body temperature was a little low so they had to put him on a nice heating blanking to warm him up.  I didn’t know until several hours later, but he was experiencing an irregular heartbeat.

Later in the afternoon Erwin went to dinner. The nurse came in to give Mark a bath and I asked if she could remove my IV since they weren’t using it anymore. She did but left the shunt in just in case they needed to give me something for my blood pressure. She then bathed Mark and left. I was still on my left side with a brain of mush. I soon heard Erwin walk into the room and then step into the hall and yell, “Is my wife suppose to be bleeding like this!!!” When the nurse removed my IV she didn’t close off the shunt so with every heartbeat blood would shoot out of the shunt. I was soaked through the blanket, the sheet, and my gown.  Not pretty!

Mark’s heartbeat hadn’t straightened out so he got an EKG. So when I started having chest pains that night the next thing I know they are doing an EKG on me as well as blood gases. Funny sky high blood pressure and chest pains they start jumping. Thankfully we were basically fine.

But yet the fun was not over!! Around midnight they had to move us out of our room (more babies to be born) and across the hall to the C-Section rooms. I wish I could say that was the end of the excitement, but alas it wasn’t.  Around 3 in the morning I hear Mark cough and it sounded funny. I turn on the light to find blood next to his mouth.  By this time I was like “What else can happen!?” I ring the nurses station and told them my baby just threw up blood.  They were there in seconds and off he went to the nursery.  Thankfully, it wasn’t anything major. Due to his speedy entrance into the world he didn’t get properly suctioned out.  Of course, the nurse came in to take my blood pressure which she was dreading. What do you know?  The lowest it had been all day!!

So here we are 12 years later and Mark is still full of life and adventures.  He is a blessing! (although at times a very CHALLENGING blessing!)

Happy Birthday Mark!

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  1. What a difference 12 years makes! I just love that picture of Mark at Christmas. He looks so grown up standing there so tall and straight. You guys are blessed with this child.

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