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Today I had my first meeting with my advisor/professor for my Philosophy of Ministry paper. This is my final class before I graduate. This paper is to demonstrate what i have learned over the course of my studies as well as what my personal philosophy regarding my ministry is or what it will be. Today we discussed my introduction which is the story of how I was called to the ministry.

Writing this section was a good reminder of how I got to where I am today. Yet it is scary thing to share this story. I haven’t shared all my story with anyone. a very bad habit I realize but I have always felt the need to guard myself.

The meeting was good. Roger is an amazing man. He is a gentle person with a kind heart. His words today were helpful regarding changes to my introduction. He was encouraging as I feel ill-equipped to face most of the faculty for my oral defense. He also challenged me in something that I have been trying to do already investing more in the lives of those around me.

I have been making more of an effort to get to know the students and to invest in their lives. It is hard for me to allow myself to get close to the students because the time comes when I will have to say goodbye. That is such a hard thing for me but just maybe God is trying to stretch me.

Only time will tell what great adventure lies ahead.

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  1. When I first read the title of this post in my RSS feed, I thought you were going to talk about your philosophy about using paper for ministry. I thought it was going to be like a pro-recycling, save the trees, go digital with your ministry type of thing. 🙂 Congrats to being so close to graduation. That’s awesome and not an easy feat when you’ve got a full time job, a family, and the countless other things that you do. Way to go!

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