2 Months Down… Already???

I always thought my folks were kidding when they said time would go by faster the older you get.  Sad, but it is indeed true. It doesn’t seem that long ago we were celebrating Christmas with family, New Year’s Eve at LegoLand California and now February is over.

As the month end I want to reflect on my goals for this year and the past month.  Then again, I’m not sure I ever got goals posted for this month since I tried to do that from San Jose and WordPress on my iPad failed me!

So my goals so far:

1 – Read at least the Old Testament through Chronologically – Going well!  I’ve generally been reading during the first 30 minutes of my walking.  The way the publisher organized things I’ve read 1 Samuel, most of 2 Samuel and pieces of Chronicles. I getting near the end of King David’s life.

2 – Walk at least 4 days a week – Going Well! I walked 15 days in February for a total of 45.2 miles.  Other than the first week of February when I was at the conference I made it 4 times a week!!

3 – Read 50 books this year – So far I’ve completed 6, which to make my goal I would need to read 4 a month, technically 2 books behind. But I know once I’m done with my Master’s Degree which is 67 days away, I’ll pick up the pace!

4 – Blog at least twice a week on ALL my blogs – Not doing as well on this one as I would like.  Again, my energies have to be on finishing my Philosophy of Ministry paper, it will happen though.

For my March goals:

#1 – Memorize Psalm 100 (this is also a goal for my Field Ed class might as well get with it!)

#2 – Be in the gym 4 times a week – Walk for 45 minutes/Strength train for 15 minutes (part of my the purpose of working out is to strengthen my back – which means getting on the machines!)

#3 – Eat Better!  Which for March means ABSOLUTELY no eating after 8 PM.

#4 – Observe Lent.  Lent starts March 9th and I just happened to receive (for free) The Purpose Drive Life Journal a 40 day guide.  Hmm… coincidence I don’t think so!

Tune in at the end of March to see how I did!  Come back before then, I have a really funny one to post, hopefully tomorrow!

Be blessed!

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