ASTD Tech Conference Day 1 Part 2

Let’s see I posted right before the session: beyond Search Leveraging Google Apps for Learning. The speaker Michelle Lentz did a great job going through the google tools. Probably the best part for me was she drilled down on the site searching. Crazy I have never really figured it out, but in your Google search you can type the word site: then the name of the site and then what you are looking for. You can also type in the word Define: and then the word you need a definition for and there you got it.

The best part was just the reminder of everything out there. And it is free!

After lunch was a session I was looking forward to, talking about knowledge management. With the things we want to do I was hoping for some good stuff. Marcus Rosenberg was good, the hard part was he was trying to give us in 75 minutes what he normally teaches in 2 full days. Add on to that his referencing the handout that wasn’t attached to the app. (which is very cool!) I did find the handout well after the session. I may see about purchasing the audio of this session and go through it again. I think there is a lot of good info it was just too much in to little time.

An ASTD tradition is the ice cream social in the exhibit hall. I just can’t handle the exhibit hall for too long. I just don’t like dealing with salesmen. I did find a new vendor that I will hopefully be working with, I liked their demo this morning and they seemed a together group.

The final session for today was Collaboration 2.0 Using Social Media to Create the Sharable Learning Moment with Colleen Carmean. I attended a session with Colleen last year and although much was very similar to last year Colleen is a seasoned trainer who knows how to adapt to her audience. She does a great job of incorporating the audience and making it practical. I learned about some great new websites that I will share at the end of the conference.

Tomorrow we have the keynote with a couple of gals from Google. Got a feeling it is gonna be good!

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