ASTD TK11 Day 3

I updated the WordPress app on my iPad and it quit working so I was unable to update yesterday. Regardless, I’m home and glad of it, it was a good conference but I was ready to get back.

Today I had the opportunity to tour Adobe’s Campus in San Jose, it is an amazing facility!  High level of security, no pictures or videos inside the building and everyone has a badge. I guess back in 1992 the Adobe president was kidnapped. Pretty scary situation that included him being rescued by the FBI. I have to admit I was green with envy when I saw their offices compared to what my office looks like. 95% of their employees have their own office, no cubical!?!?!  Crazy cool! They have a great fitness center that is open 24 hours a day that also has a massage room and exercise classes. They give away complimentary beverages, cokes, juices, milk, but no bottled water, they have a machine to give them water in recyclable cups. (hello!?!? the juice is in bottles, but I kept my mouth shut on that)  The most novel tidbit of information shared by our guide, is the fact that the first of the three buildings is 2 inches into the flight pattern for San Jose Airport.  Somebody goofed when they did the plans for the building.   It’s pretty cool to look at the San Jose runways from one of the covered walkways between buildings.

I only went to one session today, I was pretty much spent.  But the session I went to was with Bob Mosher. I’ve seen his name around training for many years, but this was the first time I heard him speak.  His session was called “Blending 2.0: Formal and Information Learning at the Moment of Need”  and it was amazing!

Bob gave me several things to think about a couple of key ones that I need to keep in the forefront of my thinking regardless of what type of training is it’s more about context than content. Without context most people won’t know what to do with the information.  Being an in-house trainer and having worked at APU for as long as I have I tend to know what most people do, I can generally help with context, but not always.

Another point that Bob kept driving home is the idea “it’s about the learner” not me.  One of his slides talked about Audience Analysis. The first thing I thought of was a simple email that ask registrants what they expect to get out of the training. It’s a place to start.

Something that I can apply immediately is the ideal “minimal to maximum” in other words, when I’m doing stuff for start with the steps, build toward the “videos.”  For some people the steps will be enough, while others will need/want the videos talking them through it.

Lastly, the idea of giving them what they when they need it. In other words, don’t try to push down their throats information they won’t need six months later.

Good stuff, I’m looking forward to hearing from Bob and on some of his webinars.

The conference was really good. I need to figure out what I can take and start using right away.

It’s also kind of interesting that I picked up several new twitter followers, of course, it will be interesting to see how many of them are still following me in 6 months!

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