Oh what a day/week/month

It is difficult for me to believe it has been pretty much two weeks of silence from me. Just short of miraculous I know!

Several things have happen though I am thinking the week after the ASTD conference was my mad dash to get caught up on work stuff and write my first chapter of my Philosophy-of Ministry paper. Which I hate to admit the completed chapter wasn’t turned in until Wednesday morning. Rotten timing with the conference and not being able to go to my beloved Stamps Library.

This past Monday was Valentine’s Day. I knew what I wanted to get my valentine, real good coffee, not the cheap stuff he has been buying himself lately but something good. My journey was a tad frustrating (the place I thought would be a great resource turned out robe a bust) however, World Market came to the rescue by having carmel flavored coffee. However, before he could get his coffee he got a nasty gift… He got rear ended on the freeway. Thankfully he was his fine but his 1970 Volkswagen Bug not so much. At this point we don’t know the final verdict but at least her insurance, Nationwide, has really stepped up. Less than 24 hours after the wreck he got a call that included a confirmation number for a rental car. He has gotten at last count two phone calls from them asking how he was feeling and whether he needs anything.

Today is my Presidents’ Day off. I was looking forward to a day alone, but alas Mark has been home sick since Wednesday. This is the most school he has missed since kindergarden. I this would have been like his fourth year of perfect attendance. He was not happy later in the day on Wednesday. This afternoon he seems to be feeling better. The miracle of In and Out! Which I have to say probably has the best customer service of any fast food place!

The weeks ahead are shaping up to be crazy busy between work, my final semester of grad school, Easter choir at church and everything else that will come up. Thank heavens for the promise that the joy of the Lord is my strength and through Christ I can do all things!

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  1. Hang in there, Holly. You’ll be amazed at what a relief it will be when you are done with grad school. And then you will start to go through withdrawals. Things like…”You mean I can read any book I want???” or “Shouldn’t I be doing homework or something???” It’s a weird feeling, but it’s nice.

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