Oh what an adventure

This morning the alarm clock went off at 4:30 am, yes it really does come twice a day! Simply unbelievable!! Anyway I got up and got ready yo leave for the airport and my 6:55 flight. The original plan was to rent a car and go visit Ilene, but once I realized that meant 3 hours of driving I just couldn’t do it.

The drive to the airport was quick and painless. There was a line to check in baggages but the next thing I know a sky cap comes over and grabs my stuff and took me to another line or should I say he made me first in line! Score!

The line for the first check point was longer than the first one. No bug deal lots of time before my flight. Then the lady says “anyone want to take the elevator?” can you say YES! No line again!

Getting through security was painless as was the flight to San Jose. The real fun started when I asked the guy at the information desk the easiest way to get to my hotel. Tells me to go to the public transportation and take bus 10 and get off at the metro light rail station. Well the bus takes it to Santa Clara train station. Then I ask a guy how to get downtown to the convention center. Go to zone 1… Well being the clueless dork I am I listened. Long story a little shorter… (I know too late) I am now on a train back toward San Jose after going to San Francisco! The thing is not a big deal, I don’t have anywhere to be can’t check in until 3 so hey I am just enjoying the ride reading a book!

So now I am in the hotel. This hotel makes me think of Tower of Terror. This is an older hotel but nice.

The hotel Internet is making me a little crazy but the moment I am on the downtown free wifi. But it seems to be more stable. I am so ready for a nap getting up so early this morning is killing me now.

More to come”

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