Where am I?

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a sign that made me stop and take a second look. But yesterday we ate lunch at Weinerschnitzel and I HAD to go to the bathroom.  First off, the door didn’t look but thankfully the toilet was strategically placed so I felt somewhat safe.  OK, probably more information than you needed.  As I was there I noticed the sign with instructions on how to clean the restroom. Which quite honestly I found a tad ODD, but hey, maybe there are those who want to know.  However, as I looked a little closer I noticed something even odder than the instructions themselves… Can you see what is slightly “off” about this sign?!?!

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  1. Is it the Wienerschnitzel/Hamburger Stand co-branding? I didn’t know they were related until I moved out here. I couldn’t find any Wienerschnitzel’s out here in Colorado, so I figured that it was just a west coast thing. But, then someone told me to go to the one Hamburger Stand in town and that they had the same menu as Wienerschnitzel. Sure enough, it was the same place, same food, same taste. Interesting.

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