A Day in North San Diego County1

Today Mark and I went to LegoLand California to check out the new Star Wars section of Miniland.  They did a really great job, representing all of the movies.  It was rainy today and crowded two of my least favorite things with an amusement park.  Mark is so spoiled he doesn’t ever want to stand in a very long line.  So we did the boats and I beat him. And we did Dino Coaster, which is always fun albeit short ride. Here are some shots of the new Legoland Star Wars area and a special sand castle honoring Star Wars.  And no, I don’t know why the sand castles didn’t melt in the rain.  (It was not ever a heavy rain.)

We ended up leaving Legoland around 2:00 and drove to the beach.  It was quiet but beautiful watching the waves crash into the shore.  As well as some birds fishing in the ocean.  Hopefully you can tell what they are doing from the pictures.

I wasn’t really ready to go home, or rather hit rush our traffic in Orange County so we took 78 and headed over to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park (formerly known as the Wild Animal Park). We got there about 3:45 which meant FREE parking.  Even as pass holders the Safari park charges for parking.  (A reduced rate)  Also, we were able to get a choice parking spot close to the entrace. The park closed at 5 which meant not much time, but it worked out nicely. We strolled down to the African Safari tram and ended up being on the last one of the day.  I got some really nice pictures.  Interestingly, enough almost all of these pictures I shot manually.  Legoland and the beach I put the camera on auto.  At Legoland it was mainly because of the rain and not wanting to constantly play.  But here at the Safari Park I was lucky enough to find a good auto setting for the tram ride.  As well I was able to switch over to manual focus to get a couple of the pictures of the birds behind wire enclosures. Overall, pretty happy with the pics.

It was a really fun day. And I’m glad we went to the Safari Park since our passes expire at the end of April. I probably won’t renew them for awhile, since this summer we’re heading north.

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