I See a Bright Light

Not that light! The light of this long tunnel called graduate school. It is hard to believe I started working on the prereqs to the MAWL (Master of Arts in Worship Leadership) in fall 2003. I officially started the program in fall 2006 and now in spring 2011 I will be graduating! It has been a long journey but I am glad I did it. It was kind of surreal on Monday when I turned in the four copies of my paper. Fifty pages! I am happy with the paper hopefully the faculty members who will read it will like it as well. I think I will focus on the story of my call and my philosophy over on my Worship the 1! site. I might dual post parts of it. The whole process was a great reminder of how I got to where I am today.

I am shooting my first wedding this Saturday. I am really excited but really nervous this is their wedding for crying out loud! But I’ve learned so much in the past few months (have TONS more to learn) that will hopefully help me get good pictures.

A good friend was kind enough to loan me his nice nikon telephoto lens for the wedding. It is a crazy story but I don’t think I’ll tell it here. So since I had the lens yesterday and APU just happened to have a home baseball game last night I had to try out the lens. I got some really nice shots and the sports information guy used several on the APU webpage!!! I still get really excited about that, I know silly, but it is really cool to me.”

I will have to post the pictures later. I’m tired and it is a pain trying to insert the pictures on the word press app for the iPad.

It is time for sleep!
Oh cool! I think I figured it out. But I am still too tired to add more. This is my favorite one. The first baseman getting plowed!


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