New lens

I love taking pictures at APU’s football games, the only problem is once it gets dark the quality of my photos go now. So for the past several months I have been putting money away (mainly from a photo job I do from time to time). Then for graduation I got some money, well to make a long story short I was able to buy my new lens! It is really nice! Though I had a scare today when it stopped autofocusing. Thankfully my super hero Staphon figured it out, of course completely on accident, but I don’t care, it’s working again.

Here’s a picture of it:

Isn’t it pretty? It is a tamron 70-200mm with a f2.8 this will give me much better shots at the football games and baseball and even basketball or volleyball! Now with now school I can play more! It will also be pretty cool for my vacation this summer.

I am trying a new program on the iPad to do my blogging, it is suppose to allow me upload YouTube videos. Not seeing how that is working.

Enjoy Stormy Monday with Eric Clapton

Well, not a bad program, I need to check out the web site to see if I am missing something. Enjoy a little Eric Clapton.

Hmmm… I don’t see a place to add my categories… Another bummer… Found the place for category setting.

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