Oh what a week or Is this a good looking kid or what!

Do you remember the old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon? At the end of each cartoon the narrator would say something along the lines of “Join us next time for … Or …..” and they would be two totally random titles. Anyway, I digress…

Monday through Wednesday was crazy busy and I felt like all I did was run. This summer is going to be a busy one with the Google Apps deployment and several offices transitioning to VoIP phones. Thankfully I will have some help with the GA training.

Somewhere in my social media world I shared the story of Mark asking me one morning if I knew how to tie a tie, which of course I had no clue. Being the resourceful child he is he found a YouTube video and figured it out. In fact, he did quite a nice job. Tonight he gave me the pictures to prove it.

Is he not a good looking kid!?
So yes, I will be spending the $42 to buy the pictures! He is so worth it!!

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