Chilling on a Friday Night

7:15 pm
This won’t be posted until later since I’m not online and I still don’t have my phone rooted yet.
This has been extremely long week, the project I am is going to keep me very busy this summer. I almost feeling guilty about my 2 week vacation this summer (almost is the keyword). It is a month until Mark and I start our adventure to northern California. I am looking forward to it but am a little nervous about the driving and the possible personality conflicts. Especially with the attitudes we were getting tonight.

Tonight I am playing bunco with a fun group of gals. They call me when they need a sub. The last two times I’ve played I took home the big pot ($28) for the most wins! Hopefully I’ll do well tonight but I’m not banking on it. (pun intended!)

10:15 pm
Well bunco was a lot more exciting than we expected. Between round 3 and 4 Prudie our spry 93 year old took a spill down the steps. She told us to continue to play but we decided we should call the paramedics. Of course they need the huge fire engine, paramedics and ambulance. She seemed to be doing alright but the fact she has already broken a hip prior other 90th birthday. It was amazing how she bounced back. I haven’t heard how she is doing, thankfully her blood pressure wasn’t elevated, which is a good sign.

Bunco finally finished about 9:45 and I ended up being the biggest loser! I had only 8 wins and 16 loses. Of course, one of our subs was in the same boat so we had a roll off… And yes, I was indeed crowned the biggest loser. Which was nice because it meant I didn’t have to pay!

Lastly, I must share a picture of LA’s newest Dogers fan:

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  1. Holly,

    Enjoy your two week vacation with Mark in Northern California and the National Forests. It will build lasting memories forever for the two of you. Morrow Bay, SLO and Hearst Castle are several great spots to see.

    Blessings to you both!


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