One Week to Go!

Next Sunday Mark and I are taking off on an adventure of a lifetime… at least hopefully it will be!. 

I’m looking forward to getting away and seeing some parts of California I’ve never seen before.  Hopefully I’ll get some great shots that I’ll post here or on Facebook.

Work has been hectic and I feel a little guilty leaving for two weeks, but I’ve been planning this trip for almost a year and I’m leaving training in good hands with Dante.  I just hope he doesn’t hate me by the time I get back. 

A busy week a head, not sure I’ll have much time to blog need to finish planning our trip.  I don’t have much scheduled for the trip home, but the 18th we’re going to Alcatraz Island.  I think Mark will have fun there. Of course, he is telling everyone he’s afraid I’m going to leave him there.  We’ll see…

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