Vacation 2011–Day 10

I had the opportunity to visit San Jose back in February for a conference. I had planned to visit the Tech Museum then but opted for a train ride to San Francisco!

So today Mark and I went to the Tech Museum. It was a great time! Lots of hands on things to check out and being in the heart of Silicon Valley lots of technology stuff as well.  After a couple of hours there we had lunch at Johnny Rocket’s. 

Winchester Mystery House was our next stop.  Sadly,. no pictures allowed inside the house.  But what a whacky place. The sad part was Mrs. Winchester (wife of the second president of Winchester Rifles) lived her life ruled by the spirits. After her daughter and husband died she consulted a psychic that told her to buy an unfinished house and continue building and never stop.  Which is exactly what she did.  It’s crazy the staircases and rooms that are pointless or go no where. She even had a séance room where “the spirits” told her what to build next and how to build it.

We also took the “Back scenes tour” which was really good.  Our guide was funny and it was interesting to see the basement. As well as hear some more of the stories of just the crazy involved with the house and property.

I wanted to try and go to the Natural Bridges State Park in Santa Cruz but Mark didn’t seem excited and I was too tired to fight it. 

Tomorrow is going to be fun.  It’s off to Monterey and then to Pismo Beach and dinner with my kid Michael Rivas!!!







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